Today we’ll present you an outstanding selection of 50 modern floor lamps. As you’ll understand, this is the perfect article for you to get the best ideas on floor lamps for your bedroom, dining room or living room designs. There are so many lighting solutions and so many lighting brands designing unique floor lamps in the world that you cannot lose this amazing opportunity to find the perfect standing lamp for your home design ideas.



Delightfull 50 Modern Floor Lamps for your home design 50 Modern Floor Lamps for your home design diana floor giant colorful loft studio vintage industrial lamp 02

Diana XL Floor Lamp is a modern fresh classic with an industrial style. Diana will turn any room into a giant colorful and inviting space (you have other color options, as yellow, red and blue). Ideal for big lofts and artist studios, this creative floor lamp composed by a big lampshade in aluminum will light up any setting. Conceived in brass with the switch on the top, and 2.3m tall.

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